Group Barrages Company With Sanitary Pads After It Harassed Workers For Menstruating

You have to read this full article to get a better understanding of the problems faced by women in the situation discussed below. It makes me wonder if the company officials have a clue about the real life of the women around them. They must want the women working in the factory but don't expect them to be women?

One group is gathering support online in protest of an Indian company that forced female workers to be strip-searched after a personal hygiene product was found on its premises.

About 45 Indian women — all employees of Asma Rubber Private Limited and under the age of 50 — were required to remove their clothing for inspection by two female supervisors after a used tampon was found in a restroom on Dec. 10.
Now, a Facebook campaign “Red Alert: You've got a napkin!” — launched by “Kiss of Love,” a group against moral policing in India — has joined a chorus of outrage against Asma Rubber Private Limited, and is drawing attention to the lack of awareness regarding women's reproductive health in India, particularly taboos about menstruation.

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